Odium and bigotry Under the same roof, Disgusted feelings Departed vehemence!   Is this a foul-up? Or A nasty destiny?   Nauseated existence Mundane mornings Dead evenings, One waits for the end Other pines for liberation!   © 2018 Soiba Tahir Photo: Google Images

Haiku: “Pain”

Strange how pain assists him If it wants to be no more It starts robbing his words   © 2018 Soiba Tahir Photo: Google Images


The exhausting search for your soul, to fill my void   Every so often, I find a stranger and I sense; the same somber vibes, the related melancholic air, Oh it surrounds me!   My futile attempts to cling to the aura; But, The stranger abhors me! I’m to him; As, You were to me,…


There’re times when everything starts to nettle me. All of a sudden, my state of mind swings. I welcome a panic attack or my blood pressure shoots with a prolonged headache. I try to be optimistic, I try to be grateful to the Lord for His innumerable blessings but then, there’re times. Let’s take an…


Façade of happiness Depressed from inside Yearning for love That’s lost and died   Engulfed by narcissism The selfless still endures The power of decision Remains his no more   © 2017 Soiba Tahir Image: Google


The nurse was outside when she overheard the old lady, “Son, is that you? I knew you’d come Nobody believes in me I knew one day I’d be able to defend myself You’re listening, right? Why are you standing there? Come here! I want to hug you Your mum had been waiting for you, ever…


Crushed and Alone I find my serenity In the fields You own, Weary and Vexed I search for repose In Your riverbeds, Gloomy and Depressed Your winds make me Catch my breaths, Blissful and Content I am nature’s descent!   © 2017 Soiba Tahir  


There he was Testing her endurance afresh Like he always did He succeeded, And she failed her conscience again That’s how susceptible she was!


You always have the perfect excuses Maybe it’s me, who’s delusional, That I trust your excuses I give in to my paranoia, As your excuses overwhelm me And make me the wrongdoer after all…

Cruel Love

She always kept her promises Thought they were sacred But broke the ones, She made to herself! People thought she was strong Only she knew how weak she was She knew how to defend herself But she never protected herself So she could give it another chance But it was so cruel…