My dear Lord, Keep me in the dark Stop me from finding out, The bitter truth after all As the truth would shatter me, Transform me for long haul Once I heard ignorance is bliss, I know now the power of this gift…


The dreams she had were innocent and powerful, He crushed her dreams before they became vivid She expected extraordinary from him, He displayed its opposite She wanted to express herself, He never listened She worked hard to make him proud, He demeaned her She never believed in failure, He was the one behind her failures… Continue reading Severed

Lost and Found

She saw her after a very long time. They enjoyed some excellent time together. Of course it was her best friend, her cousin. They used to be in each other’s pocket when they were kids. Though they would see each other twice a year but their love for one another was exemplary. Now that she’s… Continue reading Lost and Found


That cold bench, And a misty morning She sat there waiting; Waiting for It, and The day passed She got lost on her way back, There was no going back then But how could she move forward when, Even the glimpse of her future was vague She was tired of waiting, Waiting for Destiny…


When I yearned for you, You became unavailable When I ignored your negatives, You became obstinate And when I became YOU, You became what I desired It’s too late now, You turned me to stone

Dying Wish

I was dying… I’m still puzzled about this word though, actually the sensation that lies beneath this scary little word.. I have a query; can one feel numb while undergoing the process? Or is numbness a feeling at all? Or was I ecstatic…Ah the lengths to which our imaginations can go! So, was I being… Continue reading Dying Wish


In what world is it possible to open up about everything to anybody? Okay let’s just not talk about anybody; she couldn’t even talk about everything to a shrink in a nutshell. She thinks, “Something’s could only remain protected as long as they’re inside of her because if they are out, she’ll become naked”. But… Continue reading Freedom