I laughed after ages I felt alive The loneliness just vanished My face turned brighter My morale went higher I got mended, When you arrived home! My little brother, My confidant, Welcome home! Advertisements

Broken but Healed

Every night, He sits in the balcony and reminisces Smokes his favourite pack of cigarettes Opens his one and only journal Writes the same word over and over As his thoughts have become memories Memories that don’t want to be jotted down Holding the journal closely He gets lost in his past The cigarette burns… Continue reading Broken but Healed


She restarted several times, So she could run from the past But she backtracked every time, As the world wouldn’t let her proceed She let her foes win…


It was a beautiful hill top. The clouds were hovering around the hut. He opened the wooden door and slammed it shut at once! “Where are you?” he shouted “I was in the kitchen prep…” he cut her off and said, “go bring water for me” She fetched him a glass of water and asked… Continue reading Yielded


She recovered, And explored that time She felt different, Different in a nicer way She was full of energy, Full of joy She wanted that to last, So she tried to hide her weakness The more she hid it, The more she became vulnerable And when she perceived it, The happiness fled away She had… Continue reading Fragility


He couldn’t sleep… Spent all the night in remorse Why did he tell her? He was doing alright, With his lips locked… Everything was fine! Nobody knew Then hastily, He confessed the truth The sentimental truth! That took her by surprise But he was doomed…