Sweet child! Never cry Cos you’re a boy, Always be strong Even if you’re wrong, Never rely And don’t be shy, Earn and ramble You may babble, Throw your toy You’re a boy!   Baby doll! Never speak up Be a grown up, Wear a pearl Cos you’re a girl, Don’t go outside You ain’t…


She craved respect He coveted love, She was a lone wolf He was a social animal, She admired him sometimes He adored her at times, She erased her expectations His list grew longer, She embraced rage He surrendered to despair!   © 2017 Soiba Tahir        


Crushed and Alone I find my serenity In the fields You own, Weary and Vexed I search for repose In Your riverbeds, Gloomy and Depressed Your winds make me Catch my breaths, Blissful and Content I am nature’s descent!   © 2017 Soiba Tahir  

Lost Warmth

My beloved granny! This is a petty Token of love, I pray that angels Deliver it to you, Today I saw a little girl Helping her granny walk with her The mere sight made me cry Jogged all the memories In the blink of an eye, Remember, When we used to walk like that And…


He sobs And stares At his father’s grave, “You were right pop! At all times About everything Especially, About being a father! Now I comprehend What’s it like, To be a parent To a child like me!”   © 2017 Soiba Tahir

Here comes the fall

You came I started living I found myself Now that you’ve taught me How to get up myself, You believe your job here is done! Don’t leave me hanging like this Don’t leave me on my own Else, I’ll come back to where I started from… I need you dearest brother! I need my side-kick!…


The mornings, When they would see each other Smile at each other Talk without talking Those delightful mornings… The summers, When they would just laugh The rest meant nothing Whilst one relished their moment The other just ogled and fantasized Those exquisite summers… The evenings, When they would savour their favourite meal And get lost…


There he was Testing her endurance afresh Like he always did He succeeded, And she failed her conscience again That’s how susceptible she was!


I deeply want to express my gratitude to Aquib Khan (https://aquibview.wordpress.com/) for helping me write this piece. Aquib, thank you so much for empathizing and adding stanzas 2 and 3 to the poem. I admire the way you described and linked them beautifully to the first one. I accept this contribution with a big smile…


You always have the perfect excuses Maybe it’s me, who’s delusional, That I trust your excuses I give in to my paranoia, As your excuses overwhelm me And make me the wrongdoer after all…

Cruel Love

She always kept her promises Thought they were sacred But broke the ones, She made to herself! People thought she was strong Only she knew how weak she was She knew how to defend herself But she never protected herself So she could give it another chance But it was so cruel…


Oh why do you fret? Don’t you worry about me! As I would go far away To a place where, The worries would follow me And set you free As you ain’t the one, To bear the burden!