Unique Blogger Award

I thank SarvottamKumar for nominating me for this award. Do check his blog, very well-written posts. I really like his writing style, seems profound to me. Thank you once again Sarvottam 🙂 Now Rules are as follows: Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you. Answer the questions. In… Continue reading Unique Blogger Award


Such an imbecile! Knowing you take me For granted, Knowing you know I’ll be there Nonetheless, I iterate my actions! You shouldn’t be blamed, The blame is on me! Perhaps I’d never learn…

Train to the Future

Slept on the agony again Felt nothing the next morning The irony is, You’ve gotten used to it Or possibly you’re blind! Ah my assumptions… They are my new chum I won’t let them leave, The way I let you Or else I’ll explode! You think you’re there for me But actually, You boarded that… Continue reading Train to the Future


I laughed after ages I felt alive The loneliness just vanished My face turned brighter My morale went higher I got mended, When you arrived home! My little brother, My confidant, Welcome home!

Broken but Healed

Every night, He sits in the balcony and reminisces Smokes his favourite pack of cigarettes Opens his one and only journal Writes the same word over and over As his thoughts have become memories Memories that don’t want to be jotted down Holding the journal closely He gets lost in his past The cigarette burns… Continue reading Broken but Healed


She restarted several times, So she could run from the past But she backtracked every time, As the world wouldn’t let her proceed She let her foes win…