They were Naive…

They wanted to utter a lot,

But their lips were sealed

They were scared the sourness in their words,

Would draw them apart

They were ingenuous,

As the quietness was bitterer

What if they had not wasted all of that time?

The time that belonged to them

Their precious time…


8 thoughts on “They were Naive…

  1. I’m humble, that I motivate you, I just like to comment on what I see and feel. I supposed I’ve experienced a lot in life, and developed a realistic attitude to the essence of life.

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  2. Writing what you feel is poetry and one does not have to be a professional writer, as many people, such as myself who write on Blog sites, are not. Thank you for visiting my site. Always good to meet new people and I encourage you to keep writing what you feel for therein lies the crux of it. πŸ™‚

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