Lost and Found

She saw her after a very long time. They enjoyed some excellent time together. Of course it was her best friend, her cousin. They used to be in each other’s pocket when they were kids. Though they would see each other twice a year but their love for one another was exemplary.

Now that she’s gone so far away, they don’t even talk when she’s away. But when she comes back; and they see each other for a day or two, they are again inseparable. Nothing’s changed but some things are…

There was a time when silence used to be pleasing. Now there’s a constant struggle of finding words to avoid the uncomfortable quietness.

But silence is never awkward with your best bud. Perhaps they lost each other somewhere. They don’t express now, but they still are sincerely concerned for each other…


12 thoughts on “Lost and Found

      1. “Lost”, is one those powerful words, there can be so much emotion attached to that one word. I think I use lost often, maybe too often, haha, when I’m lost for words…..

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  1. Yeah,sometimes in the course of us growing,some relationships unfortunately grow apart but there is always hope that just as two meandering tributaries join at the river no matter how far they drift apart,some relationships stand the test of time and stay strong bound by love and belief in their ties..

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