Sweet child! Never cry Cos you’re a boy, Always be strong Even if you’re wrong, Never rely And don’t be shy, Earn and ramble You may babble, Throw your toy You’re a boy!   Baby doll! Never speak up Be a grown up, Wear a pearl Cos you’re a girl, Don’t go outside You ain’t… Continue reading Fabrication


She craved respect He coveted love, She was a lone wolf He was a social animal, She admired him sometimes He adored her at times, She erased her expectations His list grew longer, She embraced rage He surrendered to despair!   © 2017 Soiba Tahir        


Crushed and Alone I find my serenity In the fields You own, Weary and Vexed I search for repose In Your riverbeds, Gloomy and Depressed Your winds make me Catch my breaths, Blissful and Content I am nature’s descent!   © 2017 Soiba Tahir  


He sobs And stares At his father’s grave, “You were right pop! At all times About everything Especially, About being a father! Now I comprehend What’s it like, To be a parent To a child like me!”   © 2017 Soiba Tahir


The mornings, When they would see each other Smile at each other Talk without talking Those delightful mornings… The summers, When they would just laugh The rest meant nothing Whilst one relished their moment The other just ogled and fantasized Those exquisite summers… The evenings, When they would savour their favourite meal And get lost… Continue reading Memoirs