The nightmare has begun Its tentacles are around me Come save me Oh mother! It seems familiar This gloomy air, Come hide me Oh mother! I’m surrounded This world is my prison You’ve got my pill, Mother I’m dying Help me catch my breath, Come take me with you to the hereafter Or Help me…

Haiku: “Darkness”

Darkness falls and engulfs him Revenge is food for its soul Bliss is his mere hope © Soiba Photo: Google Images

Over Again

Ultimate emergence  of the reckless, and the dissolution of my anger Affection starts paving its way But,  The true-self surfaces Warmth dies, and leaves its scar! © Soiba Photo: Google Images


I avoid situations because I’m a coward. “Everything’s in control, my heart is throbbing.” ” Fights, boy why am I still alive?” I don’t know maybe it’s my mind, maybe we all are just our minds. I know I’ve started to sound absurd by now but I think I’m  a coward because I’ve got nothing…


You were never my destination Just a diversion on the way, Neither had you given it a second thought Nor had I the courage to say, To say goodbye a long time ago But clinging to you was my only hope, I see you going far far away Ah shouldn’t have taken my breath away,…


This tingling pain My eyes burn, It adores my body Worships my soul Pain, Penetrates through my skin Leaves me punctured, Fills my days with deadness Nights with insomnia Pain, What a priceless reward Sometimes a surprise Lasts forever, In My dark memories… © Soiba Image: Zaplife

Made in Heaven

She was lost when she felt his hand on her cheek “Come with me”, he said She held his hand and they started walking into the forest. “A part of you knows that we’re gonna get through this”, he tightened the grip of his hand over hers. “Whenever you used to say something like this,…

Wake-up Call

My much-loved surroundings They strip me away from my dear ones Make me go against my will, This the basis I came into being? Ah this isn’t any reason at all! I must find it Till I go back into slumber They keep me pushing away from it These forces are powerful My willpower crumbles…

Black Hole

I’ve lost my dreams Now, Nightmares make me scream The path ahead is blurry You say not to worry I keep on walking nevertheless And, vagueness grows with every step Treading on a forbidden path That’s leading me down into the dark abyss, Sweet Lord, When would I arise? © Soiba

Etheree: “Mother Nature”

Beautiful mountains, Serene trees and streams, My spirit roams freely I may remain here forever waking up in the fresh air, I wonder what would paradise be like? Meadows, cascades, foliage, yes it would be dreamlike Blessings of God bestowed lovingly upon me, I rejoice Oh I am fortunate today I became the nature’s voice!…